SWPRE is seeking nominations and accepting applications for a few motivated agents-brokers & managing partners committed to philanthropy and interested in MEDICAL, HEALTHCARE, BIO-TECH clients.     Online nomination      Online application


SWPRE isn't about volume or numbers. If you are invited to join SWPRE and become a “Partner”, SWPRE is making a long-term commitment to invest in you and your business. SWPRE technology is based on very best tools available. Our MBA/PHD research and analysis, video based website, global marketing and 24-7 client/realtor service have no known peers.  SWPRE is structured like a business. Businesses assemble experts and teams and so does SWPRE. SWPRE Realtors manage clients. SWPRE experts and teams with specialized skills manage the rest. 

Common Values

Our interests are best client services, philanthropy, inclusiveness, prosperity, fiduciary integrity. If your interest is the "best split", we suggest joining the lowest cost 100% brokerage. By offering a lower split, SWPRE makes strategic capital investments. We attract people who embrace our values. With SWPRE:

  • Build new spheres of spheres of influence
  • Leverage SWPRE preferred nonprofit relationships
  • Manage any property transaction, anywhere, anytime
  • Team - Join one, start one, bring one, have a virtual team
  • Your Sellers profit from our local, regional (20+ MLS sites) & global listing marketing 
  • Your Buyers benefit from our data driven, time optimized, personally curated, HGTV model 


  • Embrace inclusive, diverse, professional, team culture
  • Coachable but not needing micro-management
  • E&O approval - credit, criminal, license
  • High emotional intelligence   
  • E&O carrier approval
  • Fiduciary integrity
  • Pristine ethics

Advanced or terminal degree, professional designations, broker license, nonprofit experiences, relationship with designated Preferred Nonprofit are pluses.  SWPRE will deploy a very select, professional team in each Texas designated Preferred Nonprofits' market. Smaller markets up to 4 agents and in larger markets up to 10 agents. Each market will have a managing partner.

For additional information

George Arnold Alexander, MPA, SWPRE CFO
m  +1 713.918.9951
o   +1 512.577.0079
e    george@swpre.com
w   https://swpre.com/