We are EXTREMELY selective in recruitment. Credit reports, background checks, verification of your production and E&O review are all part of our vetting process.

SWPRE real estate agent minimum requirements and SWPRE real estate broker minimum requirements

Minimum requirements

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  • MBA, other advanced or terminal degree
  • Broker license
  • CCIM, CIPS, SIOR, ALC or candidacy
  • CPA, CFRE, banking, financial, investment credentials
  • Active financial support a local nonprofit
  • Board position with a local nonprofit
  • Professional experience in a nonprofit
  • Commercial and land & ranch expertise
  • International real estate experience
  • Multi-lingual

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SWPRE real estate agent preferred background and SWPRE real estate broker preferred background
SWPRE real estate agent responsibilities and SWPRE real estate broker responsibilities

Key Functions

As a SWPRE Agent or Broker, your are a Rainmaker and Client Centric. You focus on managing client relationships, client transactions and direct income generation actions. Any other functionalities are either jettisoned or delegated to SWPRE. Being "Client Centric," you manage any property type, location or size transaction for your clients. Most traditional real estate agents and brokers with franchises or independent brokerages are either "Geographic" and/or "Property Type" concentric.

Philanthropy | If you elect to be a Philanthropy Realtor, you participate in "doing real estate for the greater good" as described below. 

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Do real estate for the greater good

At each closing, SWPRE will dollar for dollar gift match with your clients to any eligible nonprofit selected by client. The gift match is up to 5% of SWPRE Gross Commission Income ("GCI").

If you are a Philanthropy Realtor, you can increase the gift match up to 100% of GCI to your favorite nonprofit. See SWPRE Nonprofits

If You are a Philanthropy Realtor and you are a Board Member of a nonprofit (or if a SWPRE Managing Partner or Officer is a Board Member), SWPRE will manage the nonprofit's transactions for NO commissions.

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SWPRE Real Estate Philanthropy and Real Estate for the Greater Good