Arizona Real Estate for 
the greater good...

SWPRE Philanthropy is a powerful way to give.
SWPRE and gift matching will transform the status quo of healthcare in Arizona.
The SWPRE Mission is to be the very best brokerage on the planet. 
The SWPRE Goal is NOT to be the biggest brokerage, but always the vey best.

We believe business philanthropy supports healthy communities.

SWPRE Philanthropy has designated two SWPRE Preferred Nonprofits in Arizona: University of Arizona College of Medicine & Mayo Clinic School of Medicine - Phoenix & Scottsdale.

SWPRE Philanthropy and the Power of Gift Matching

SWPRE Philanthropy gifts 10% of SWPRE revenues to University of Arizona College of Medicine & Mayo Clinic School of Medicine - Phoenix & Scottsdale or any SWPRE Preferred Nonprofit
We encourage gift matching by all real estate transaction parties

SWPRE Philanthropic Focus

SWPRE’s philanthropic focus is disruption in life sciences, bio-tech, bio-pharma, medical education and health care to improve quality of care, community health and reduce costs.  

Clients direct SWPRE Philanthropy gifts

We recommend gifting that resonate with you and your family. We recommend restricting gifts to specific departments, programs, service or research initiatives that resonate with you and your family.

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine is located in both Phoenix and Scottsdale making Arizona the third campus of Mayo Medical School offering a complete four-year campus. Students work with over 5,000 Mayo Clinic employees who care for more than 100,000 patients in Arizona every year. It's a close-knit (but not too small) Mayo Clinic campus in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country.

Mayo Clinic opened its campus in Scottsdale in 1987 to provide more convenient care for patients in the Southwest. In 1998, Mayo Clinic Hospital opened in Phoenix and was the first hospital planned, designed and built by Mayo Clinic. The campus boasts the latest in health care technology, including a new, highly advanced proton beam facility. The practice here, renowned for its quality and patient safety, focuses on adult specialty and surgical care in more than 65 medical and surgical disciplines.

Collaborations with nearby health care organizations expand the experiential training for students to additional specialties and diverse patient populations. Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University, a premier research institution, have established a strong alliance furthering the educational and research opportunities with Mayo Clinic School of Medicine campuses in both Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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For more information about SWPRE Philanthropy for the benefit of the Mayo School of Medicine, contact SWPRE Philanthropy today