Lifestyles and Choices

ESRI Tapestry Segmentation segments geographic areas into 14 groups based on common traits referred to as Lifestyles and Choices. ESRI then divides the 14 groups into 67 distinct socio demographic segments. These ESRI Tapestry Segmentation groups and segments provide granular insight into neighborhoods or any other geographic area based on their socioeconomic indicators, demographic composition and lifestyles. Only SWPRE's Artificial Intelligent (AI) supported search tools integrate ESRI Tapestry Segmentation into your real estate search parameters.

1 Affluent Estates

Wealthy, educated, married couples with children from grade school to college. 90% homeowners. Socially active. Active in sports. Extensive travelers.

1 Affluent Estates ESRI LifeMode Group, SWPRE Lifestyle and Choices

Affluent Estates Segments

1A Top Tier Summary

1B Professional Pride Summary

1C Boomburbs Summary

1D Savvy Suburbanites Summary

1E Exurbanites Summary

2 Upscale Avenues

Prosperous married couples, many with older children. Strong work ethic. 70% homeowners. Fitness entusiasts. Financially responsible. 

Upscale Avenues Segments

2A Urban Chic Summary

2B Pleasantville Summary

2C Pacific Heights Summary

2D Enterprising Professionals Summary

3 Uptown Individuals

Young, successful singles. Partial to city life. Intelligent, highest education levels. Highest employment level. Eco-friendly. Politically active.

Uptown Individuals Segments

3A Laptops and Lattes Summary

3B Metro Renters Summary

3C Trendsetters Summary

4 Family Landscapes

Young, successful families. First time homeowners. 80% homeowners. To family incomes. Low unemployment. Sports enthusiasts.

Family Landscapes Segments

4A Soccer Moms Summary 

4C Middleburg Summary

5 GenXurban

Middle age families with fewer children at home. Second largest group. Shorter commutes. Wisely invest. News junkies. Concerts & museums routine. 

GenXurban Segments

5A Comfortable Empty Nesters Summary

5B In Style Summary

5C Parks and Rec

5D Rustbelt Traditions Summary

5E Midlife Constants Summary

6 Cozy Country Living

Empty nesters. Largest group. Live with pets in single family homes. 30% have 3+ vehicles. Politically conservative. Buy American.


Cozy Country Living Segments

6A Green Acres Summary

6B Salt of the Earth Summary

6C The Great Outdoors Summary

6D Prairie Living Summary

6E Rural Resort Dwellers Summary

6F Heartland Communities Summary

7 Ethnic Enclaves

Young hispanic families. Homeowners with pets. Multi-lingual. Multi-generational homes. Hard working. Optimistic. Most have some college. 

Ethnic Enclaves Segments

7A Up and Coming Families Summary

7B Urban Villages Summary

7C American Dreamers Summary

7D Barrios Urbanos Summary

7E Valley Growers Summary

7F Southwestern Families Summary

8 Middle Ground

Thirty somethings. Majority have college degree. Online all the time. Go to clubs, movies and weekend outings. Some travel and hike.

Middle Ground Segments

8A City Lights Summary

8B Emerald City Summary

8C Bright Young Professionals Summary

8D Downtown Melting Pot

8E Front Porches Summary

8F Old and Newcomers Summary

8G Hardscrabble Road Summary

9 Senior Lifestyles

Empty nesters. Wealthier travel and relocate to warmer climates. Avid newspaper readers. Watch cable news and weather. Consume vitamins.

Senior Styles Segments


9B Golden Years Summary

9C The Elders Summary

9D Senior Escapes Summary

9E Retirement Communities Summary

9F Social Security Set Summary

10 Rustic Outposts

Older families living the country life. Many in blue collar jobs. Live within their means. Enjoy hunting and fishing. Technology considered complicated.

Rustic Outposts Segments

10A Southern Satellites Summary

10B Rooted Rural Summary

10C Diners & Miners Summary

10D Down the Road Summary

10E Rural Bypasses Summary

11 Midtown Singles

Single milenials on the move. Work in blue collar and service jobs. Many single parents. Embrace the internet. Savvy shoppers.

Midtown Singles Segments

11A City Strivers Summary

11B Young and Restless Summary

11C Metro Fusion Summary

11D Set to Impress Summary

11E City Commons Summary

12 Hometown

Remain close to home. Close knit young communities. Religion is a cornerstone. Visit discouunt stores. Clip coupons. Buy used vehicles. 

Hometown Segments

12A Family Foundations Summary

12B Traditional Living Summary

12C Home Town Simplicity

12D Modest Income Homes Summary

13 Next Wave

Young, diverse, hard working families. Hispanic majority. Typically young and multi-generational families. Hard working. Spending focused on children.

Next Wave Segments

13A International Marketplace Summary

13B Las Casas Summary

13C NeWest Residents Summary

13D Fresh Ambitions Summary

13E High Rise Renters Summary

14 Scholars and Patriots

Youngest segment. Most in college or military. Many renters with roommates. Many have part-time jobs. Tethered to phones. Highly social.

Scholars and Patriots Segments

14A Military Proximity Summary

14B College Towns Summary

14C Dorms to Diplomas Summary

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