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From crime statistics to local schools, SWPRE’s Community DNA allows you learn about any Texas community that we serve in a granular fashion rarely seen before. One of the other great benefits of our Community DNA is that you can compare other popular communities that are nearby the area that you are looking at living in.

This allows you to know what your area does better than the surrounding communities and also allows you to discover other amazing areas in the general vicinity of the neighborhood, city, or region that you are thinking of relocating to in Texas.

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Data-Driven Real Estate

We’ve scoured the highs and lows of all the available real estate data on each of the areas so that you don’t have to do the hard work. From analyzing raw data from governmental resources to interpreting annual census information, we track the goings-on with the top Texas real estate markets and areas that our clients love to live or invest in. By analyzing that data, we’ve taken the information that is most important to our clients and home-owners in our key areas and put them into easy-to-understand visual formats.

Ultimately, from perusing our Community DNA data, you should be able to discover the answer to many the many questions that we know home buyers and sellers have when looking to relocate to an area. For this example, we’ll use the community of Barton Creek. Some of the common questions that you can find the answer to include:

  • What does the average commute look like in Barton Creek?
  • How far is Barton Creek to Downtown Austin?
  • How far is it to the nearest airport from Barton Creek?
  • What is Barton Creek’s crime rate compared to Austin?
  • What is the unemployment rate in Barton Creek?
  • What’s the lifestyle like in Barton Creek?

See a Sample of the Community DNA Statistics Below

Barton Creek distance to the airport and downtown AustinMore community demographic statistics of Barton Creek Community demographic statistics of Barton Creek