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From crime statistics to income and net worth, SWPRE's Community DNA helps you quickly understand GARDEN OAKS in a granular fashion not available before. This allows you to understand GARDEN OAKS lifestyles, choices, demographics, and how they compare to Houston or any other community. For more information about Community DNA, click here.

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Market Comparison

In the Market Comparison below, we compare GARDEN OAKS to Houston.

GARDEN OAKS TX Comparative Demographics Community DNA

Lifestyles and Choices

Lifestyles & Choices help you understand your potential neighbors' affluence level, when they were born, what they buy, and how they spend their free time. For details about all 14 Lifestyles & Choices groups and their 67 distinct socio demographic segments, click here.

GARDEN OAKS TX Lifestyles and Choices Community DNA


You can quickly understand GARDEN OAKS demographics with our Infographics. The following summarizes GARDEN OAKS key demographic indicators:

GARDEN OAKS TX Infographics Community DNA


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Other Questions

You may now have more questions about GARDEN OAKS.

  • What is the household net worth?
  • What percent of residents have at least a graduate degree?
  • What percent of homes have children?
  • What percent of residents have white collar jobs?

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