Inside Birmingham's Bid To Become The Southern Silicon Valley

Posted by George Alexander on Monday, August 13th, 2018 at 5:27pm.

Inside Birmingham's Bid To Become The Southern Silicon Valley.

Many people in the real estate industry wondered why SWPRE added Birmingham, AL as a target market? Still wondering?

"...It’s no secret that Silicon Valley has been looking east, with a number of entrepreneurs shying away from the high rents and salaries involved in working in the Bay Area. The quality of life might be great in the bay, but home ownership is a struggle, even for those earning six figures; the median house price recently hit $1.2 million. In recent years, new tech hubs have sprouted up across America, including Austin, Seattle, and Boulder. Even these are becoming increasingly pricey. That’s where Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, sees an opportunity." 

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