DRAFT Preferred Nonprofit Texas BioMedical Research Institute

Posted by George Alexander on Saturday, July 21st, 2018 at 4:57pm.

TX BioMed  

Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TX BioMed) is SWPRE Philanthropy's first San Antonio Preferred Nonprofit. TX BioMed has an impressive research portfolio. It is achieving outstanding advances being made under the new leadership of Dr. Larry S. Schlesinger, President/Chief Executive Officer. The reputation, focus and performance of Texas BioMedical Research Institute is a pre-eminent example of our interest and philanthropic focus.

SWPRE Overview Tabs Real Estate Philanthropy

SWPRE Philanthropy is a powerful way to support TX BioMed. Gifting is at the direction of SWPRE clients at each SWPRE real estate transaction closing.

The Power of Gift Matching

We encourage gift matching by all real estate transaction parties. The following is an example of the power of matching by different parties to a SWPRE real estate transaction. 

Matching SWPRE Client Gifts to TX BioMed

SWPRE Philanthropy will match SWPRE client transaction gifts up to 50% of the total commissions payable to SWPRE. 

Extraordinary Resources

Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory

The TX BioMed Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory provides the safest environment for scientists to study deadly pathogens that have no known treatments or vaccines. To learn more, visit TX BioMed Virology andImmunology.

Genomics Research Center

The TX BioMed Genomics Research Center investigates how gene and cell variations affect molecular and cellular mechanisms that determine outcomes in metabolic, cardiovascular, neurological and infectious diseases. To learn more, visit TX BioMed Genetics.

Southwest National Primate Research Center

The TX BioMed Southwest National Primate Research Center is a wold-class colony of nonhuman primates who fulfill roles in understanding human health and disease. To learn more, visit TX BioMed Primates.

Extraordinary Scientists (we will complete formatting of this section assuming it is confirmed to be included)

Timothy J.C. Anderson
Tiziano Barberi
Raul A. Bastarrachea
John C. Bernal
Kathleen M. Brasky
Melanie A. Carless
Ian Cheeseman
Shelley A. Cole
Marcel Daadi
Robert Davey
Edward Dick
Patrice Frost
Melissa De La Garza
Marie-Claire Gauduin
Luis Giavedoni
Anthony Griffiths
Shannan Hall-Ursone
John Kent
Robert Lanford
Corrine Lutz
Jean Patterson
Jerilyn Pecotte
Karen Rice
Ruth Ruprecht
Suzette Tardif

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