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If you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, understanding the centrics of your real estate agent or broker will provide you unique insights into their motivations, capabilities and corporate culture.

#1 What is "Centric"?

Centric means "... centered upon... focused around...having a center or having something (or someone ) as its center. Derived from Merriam Webster Dictionary and

 #2 What is centricity in real estate?

In real estate, majority of agents, brokerages, franchises or brands fit into one of 3 categories of centricity

SWPRE agents/brokers are "Client Centric." They focus on managing all client real estate transaction needs regardless of location, size or type.

If you are a SWPRE client, we will

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SWPRE San Antonio is recruiting a few great people. We've budgeted for 10 agents/brokers in San Antonio.

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We are a high end boutique firm. We are MLS members of over 20 Texas MLSs. We make significant investments in our agents/brokers with powerful personal websites, social media development, business development. We get paid when you get paid. We want a handful of agents/brokers in markets not 100's or 1,000's. We want the best people not the best sales people.


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