SAN ANTONIO Real Estate Philanthropy
SAN ANTONIO Real Estate for the greater good

SWPRE Philanthropy is a powerful way to give. SWPRE and gift matching will transform the status quo of healthcare.
The SWPRE Mission is to be the very best brokerage on the planet. The SWPRE Goal is NOT to be the biggest brokerage, but always the very best.
We believe business philanthropy is the foundation of a healthy community.

SWPRE Philanthropy and the Power of Gift Matching

SWPRE Philanthropy gifts 5% of SWPRE revenues to any SWPRE Preferred Nonprofit
Philanthropy Realtors™ match SWPRE Philanthropy gifts
We encourage gift matching by all real estate transaction parties

SAN ANTONIO Preferred Nonprofits

SWPRE Philanthropy does not have any San Antonio Preferred Nonprofits
We want to designate one or more San Antonio Nonprofits as San Antonio Preferred Nonprofits
Please nominate your favorite San Antonio Preferred Nonprofit

SWPRE Philanthropic Focus

SWPRE’s philanthropic focus is a disruption in life sciences, biotech, biopharma, medical education, and healthcare services that improve quality of care, community health and reduce costs.

Clients direct SWPRE Philanthropy gifts

We recommend gifting to nonprofits that resonate with you and your family. We recommend restricting gifts to specific departments, programs, service or research initiatives that resonate with you and your family.

Designated Preferred Nonprofits

SWPRE Philanthropy designates entities in SWPRE current or target markets demonstrating leadership in our philanthropic focus. Most are:

  • Medical Schools
  • Nonprofit Incubators/Accelerators focused in bio-tech, pharma, medical
  • Schools of Public Health
  • University Health Science Centers
  • Schools of Public Health

4-Star Charity Navigator Rating

Any nonprofit with a 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating is eligible for SWPRE Philanthropy: