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Charity Navigator rates charities based on financial health, accountability and transparency performance. A 4-star rating means a charity exceeds industry standards and outperforms most charities in its Cause. ANY Charity Navigator 4-star rated nonprofit is eligible for SWPRE Philanthropy Gift Matching. For more information about Charity Navigator ratings, click here or complete the form below.

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SWPRE Philanthropy Gift Matching

Real estate for the greater good is a powerful way to give. At closing and funding, we will gift match up to 5% of real estate commissions. If your SWPRE agent or broker has adopted a specific nonprofit (an "IMPACT NONPROFIT"), that nonprofit is eligible for gift matching of up to 100% of real estate commissions. Ask your SWPRE agent or broker about the maximum gift match for your nonprofit! For more information about SWPRE Philanthropy and eligible non-profits, click here or complete the form below.

Gift Matching Examples


$500,000 sale price
$15,000 commission to brokerage representing seller (3% of sale price)
$15,000 commission to brokerage representing buyer (3% of sale price)

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Are you a Realtor? Do Real Estate for the Greater Good

If you are a real estate agent or broker and you and want a very powerful way to give back? If you want to join a local team that embraces a collaborative, best practice based, healthy and balanced approach to business and life? That provides you and your clients with the best research, analysis, technology and service? We want to talk with you. 

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